WHAT IS  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)?

WHAT IS The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)?

Scope of Practice
Health Fitness Specialists perform a variety of health and risk assessments and use this information to design prescriptive exercise programs based on client needs and fitness goals. Like a personal trainer, an HFS uses behavioral strategies and motivational techniques to encourage clients to adopt healthy and active lifestyles. An HFS has additional skills and knowledge that allows her to work with higher-risk clients who have certain controlled medical conditions or diseases. An HFS might work in a hospital or university, as a corporate health provider or as a trainer in a studio, gym or community center.


健康健身專家執行各種健康和風險評估,並使用此訊息根據客戶需求和健身目標設計規定性鍛煉計劃。與私人教練一樣,HFS使用行為策略和激勵技巧來鼓勵客戶採用健康積極的生活方式。 HFS具有額外的技能和知識,能夠與具有某些受控醫療條件或疾病的高風險客戶合作。 HFS可以在醫院.大學.公司健康教室,健身房或社區中心的培訓師中工作。

The HFS certification is an advanced specialization and requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in exercise science, exercise physiology or kinesiology. This degree must cover key health and fitness information, including human anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and exercise program design. The degree program should also cover care for special populations, such as older adults, children, pregnant women and certain medically controlled injuries and diseases, such as diabetes or a heart condition. HFS candidates must also hold current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator usage.


HFS認證是一門高級專業,需要在運動科學,運動生理學或運動學方面獲得學士學位或更高學歷。該學位必須涵蓋關鍵的健康和健身訊息,包括人體解剖學和生理學,生物力學和鍛煉計劃設計。學位課程還應包括對特殊人群的照顧,例如老年人,兒童,孕婦和某些醫學控制的傷害和疾病,如糖尿病或心臟病。 HFS候選人還必須持有心肺復甦和自動體外除顫器使用的最新認證。

The Health Fitness Specialist Certification from ACSM helps health and fitness professionals working with clients who have medically controlled diseases, such as asthma and diabetes. After obtaining the certification, health and fitness professionals have the skills and knowledge to perform health-risk and physical fitness assessments and to interpret the results of both. Health Fitness Specialists also design and develop exercise and health regimens based on each client’s medical and physical needs. The Health Fitness Specialist Certification prepares professionals to work in medical, commercial, private and university settings.